Wisdom of the Woods Guided Nature Walk

Walk through a century-old forest with a Museum naturalist to learn about the Piedmont of North Carolina. Search for native wildflowers, trees, animals and more. Explore the habits and habitats of birds and other wildlife. Discover the beauty and diversity as well as the many uses of the plants, trees and mushrooms of this ancient forest. Learn about the unique population of barred owls found right outside the back doors of the Museum.

Nature Walk: Length 1 mile
*Subject to cancellation due to weather

Every walk includes one Live Animal Experience: (Choose one to be included with your Tour or Walk. Additional Experiences can be added at $15 each.)

  • Animal Adaptations - Learn about the different adaptations of animals to prepare them for life in their natural habitats (corn snake, leopard gecko, tortoise, turtle).
  • Aquatic vs. Terrestrial - Explore the differences between animals that live on land and animals that live part or all of their lives in the water (turtle, tortoise, bearded dragon, alligator).
  • Carolina Critters - Meet animals native to the Carolinas (millipede, rat snake, yellow-bellied slider, alligator).