Discovery Place Nature Tour

Tour the animals and exhibits at Discovery Place Nature, featuring the wildlife and habitats of the North Carolina Piedmont. Learn how nature begins at Beginnings and then wander through Insect Alley, Creature Cavern, Great Hall and Butterfly Pavilion, where you will see the life cycles of native butterfly species progress.

Every tour includes one Live Animal Experience: (Choose one to be included with your Tour or Walk. Additional Experiences can be added at $15 each.)

  • Animal Adaptations - Learn about the different adaptations of animals to prepare them for life in their natural habitats (corn snake, leopard gecko, tortoise, turtle).
  • Aquatic vs. Terrestrial - Explore the differences between animals that live on land and animals that live part or all of their lives in the water (turtle, tortoise, bearded dragon, alligator).
  • Carolina Critters - Meet animals native to the Carolinas (millipede, rat snake, yellow-bellied slider, alligator).