Meet Bowser the Mangrove Monitor

Discovery Place Nature

Meet the Komodo dragon's cousin, the Mangrove Monitor.

Guests will often mistake our Mangrove Monitor for a Komodo dragon, which makes sense since they are related! They are venomous but their venom would have a mild effect on humans. They have very strong jaws for tearing off the flesh of their prey so although the venom wouldn't hurt you, the bite would!

Mangrove Monitors can dive in deep water to catch fish due to their salt-excreting nasal glands.  They live in northern Australia, New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and the Marshall Islands. They prefer mangrove swamps, wetlands, and areas that are humid and warm. This lizard spends time in the water or around trees. 

Stop by World Alive during a Nose to Nose encounter and you may meet Bowser.


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