Girls in STEM

The Girls in STEM program inspires curiosity among young women to help generate long-term interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Through workshops, classes, camps, festivals and mentorship, girls are given real-world problems and encouraged to find solutions that foster critical thinking and problem solving skills.

We encourage all girls who are curious about science, technology, engineering and math to register to participate in one of our Girls in STEM workshops.

In 2.5 years Discovery Place has hosted 113 programs with 3,235 participants.

Our programs provide a safe space for girls to experiment and grow. The change I see in the girls' confidence is astounding. They go from being hesitant and reserved to comfortable and self-assured. Our girls are exposed to STEM in unique and exciting ways that open their eyes to new career paths while giving them the courage to go for it.
Maggie Connelly, Girls In Stem coordinator
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  • Grades 2 - 3
  • September 03 - December 03