Paw Paw Nature Trail

Take a stroll in the 100-year-old forest

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One of the best kept secrets in Charlotte

A stroll through Paw Paw Nature Trail is enchanting. Visitors are transported to a place where time almost stands still, as nature-lovers of all ages can explore the easy-to-navigate looped trail.

A Charlotte treasure, the more than 100-year-old woods is home to many forest friends. Listen closely for the call of barred owls often perched or nesting high in the trees. Look low for meandering box turtles making their way in the lush undergrowth. Listen for the hammering woodpecker or the mesmerizing and methodical call of the cicada.

For the plant lovers and budding botanists, catch a whiff of some extraordinary seasonal wildflowers including the intense Jack-in-the-Pulpit and the delightful bloodroot.

If you’re lucky you may also hear the whisper of a fairy whose house is nearby...

  • All Ages
  • Included In Admission