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Cities are filled with tall buildings, busy streets and lots of people. In this ever-expanding urban environment, wildlife – both animals and plants – use amazing adaptations to survive. They can be found almost anywhere in the city, from the sheltering forest of a neighborhood park to the top of the tallest skyscraper.

This month at Discovery Place Nature, we are exploring wildlife in the city and you’re invited to go wild with us as we learn all about the animals and plants living in urban areas and conservation methods to protect them.

Themed activities

On January 1, 4 and 8, dive into the issue of urban runoff in our Water, Water Everywhere program. Get messy with us as we learn how pollution affects local waterways and test out the best ways to clean them up.

Then, help the box turtle cross the road in our Eco-bridge Build taking place January 11, 15 and 18. Meet one of the Museum’s resident box turtles and create your own eco-bridge to help him safely cross the road. Plus, stick around and explore other easy ways to help animals in the city.

Toward the end of the month, you’ll have a chance to bundle up and experience a winter wonderland as we host our Winter Nature Walk on January 22, 25 and 29. Join one of our naturalists as we hit the Paw Paw Nature Trail at the Museum to search for animal tracks and more.

Plus, we will continue the urban adventure as we host a special daily Story Time (Tuesday through Saturday) in which we read fun stories that explore city life and winter weather in the Carolinas.

Special event

On January 14, you won’t want to miss the latest edition of our CROWN Lecture Series, where we join forces with the Carolina Raptor Center to discuss one of the most misunderstood birds out there – the vulture. It may not be a pretty bird, but the vulture makes up for its lacking looks with superior intelligence. Join us at 6:30 p.m. as Audrey Blackburn from Carolina Raptor Center enlightens us on this amazing bird.

Shows and Programs

Several other shows and programs will take place this month at Discovery Place Nature, including the Museum’s latest puppet show, The Shadow Knows. In this show, our animal friends help younger guests learn all about hibernation and what animals do in the winter.

Plus, don’t miss our Seasonal Stargazing opportunities where you can gaze up at the stars and constellations of winter in a 15-minute guided tour of the night sky. Want more from outer space? Join us Tuesdays at 6 p.m. for a Special Planetarium Show that focuses on topics ranging from the power of the sun to areas of the night sky that are completely devoid of stars.

For a complete list of all the fun taking place each day at Discovery Place Nature, visit us here.

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