Solve the Mystery of Migration this November

Discovery Place Nature

This month at Discovery Place Nature, we will be investigating The Mysteries of Migration. Join us as we learn about the magic of migration. Many animals like monarch butterflies have already begun their long journey south while other animals like the eastern box turtle only make a small journey to their winter hibernacula. We will explore these magnificent migrations all month long!

Every Wednesday and Saturday at 12:30 p.m., join us for special story times and activities where kids and adults alike can discover how their favorite critters react to cold weather.

  • Monarch Madness Saturday, November 3 & Wednesday, November 28
    Stop by Butterfly Pavilion as we explore the great migration of the monarch butterfly and a chance to feed a live butterfly.
  • Hike for Wildlife Wednesday, November 7 & Saturday, November 10
    Not all animals migrate to survive the cold winters. Many stick around and cache food in underground tunnels or trees. Join us for a fun walk on the Paw Paw Nature Trail and help us collect acorns for the NC Wildlife Rehab Organization.
  • Migration Game Wednesday, November 14 & Saturday, November 17
    Migration is a risky business. Join us in Fort Wild as we play a fun game exploring the dangers many animals face during their long migrations to the south.
  • Counting is for the Birds Wednesday, November 21 & Saturday, November 24
    Join a Nature Presenter for a fun bird story. Learn about what our local birds eat and take home your very own bird craft.

Anything else going on this month?

In addition to our regular daily programming, November has plenty of opportunities to get outside and explore nature.

Enjoy our monthly Bird Walk and Nature Walk or stroll throughout the Museum and see if you can identify some of the creatures we’re learning about this month.

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