A new vision a life with smart lenses

Ever wonder if our eyes and iPhones will become one?

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In addition to being able to take pictures, these futuristic contacts discussed in the video will also be able to provide an augmented reality layer of information and even measure glucose levels in the eye. 

Augmented Reality means that you will be able to see this information over what your eye is actually transmitting to your brain. For people with poor vision, this lens would help them identify or even see things that are around them. 

Measuring glucose levels through the eye would also provide a new level of information for people managing diabetes. 

There are many companies working on smart contacts and because of the potential for important medical applications, the FDA has approved at least one of them to work under the Breakthrough Device Designation.  

This is an exciting technology that is being developed right now! For more information on smart contacts and some other emergent technologies, check out this video from the BBC.


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