Naturalist Lab

Collect. Observe. Connect.

Take a closer look at nature's treasures

The Naturalist Lab is a one-of-a-kind learning space where kids and families can engage in the process of finding, identifying and connecting with objects in nature.

Check out the Memory Map to take a virtual walk in the woods, as if you were hiking through our Paw Paw Nature Trail. You’ll get to explore creatures and items that could be found in your very own backyard.

Stop by the Sci Pod to get hands-on with natural treasures. This mobile activity cart contains interactive activities. Kids and families are encouraged to touch skull models, investigate scat samples and maybe even get a little messy with dirt and water activities.

Take a closer look at nature under the Wentz-scope, an easy to use microscope that makes nature larger than life!. The scope is fully equipped with laminated specimens from the North Carolina region, such as bugs, snake skins and other tiny creatures.

Examine plants, animals and geology specimens that could be found in your own backyard. Budding naturalists will build observation skills as they gain an appreciation for the world around us.

This versatile space is used for public experiences as well as for classes, workshops and Summer Camps. Check the daily schedule for activities.