Insect Alley

Amazing insects and awesome arthropods

Creepy and crawly or just cool?

Scurryinto Insect Alley and check out our live collection.

There aremany amazing insects and arthropods on exhibition including the delightfulMadagascar hissing cockroach, Dubai cockroaches, Darkling beetles, millipedesand more.

Make sureto catch the video about the life cycle of butterflies. Learn all about how a caterpillar becomes abeautiful butterfly, which is great timing because Butterfly Pavilion is rightnext door!

It’s bugsgalore in Insect Alley. Check out the beautiful murals on the walls, challengeyourself to spy all of the insects camouflaged in the artwork.

You caneven become a bug yourself behind the human-sized insect with a place for yourhead!