Fort Wild

Get outside and go wild

An outdoor area where play is natural

Explore the great outdoors and build forts, make music, perform on theoutdoor stage or just run free.

Logs, boulders and bird blinds help spur on activity, but it’s up to youwhere your time in nature will take you.

Just offthe Paw Paw Nature Trail is a whole world of exploration. Grab a wheelbarrowand pile up some rocks and timbers to build a tower or bridge.

Connectwith wonder and listen for fairies who may be home in their stump village. Ifno one is home, perhaps head back to your tee-pee and see if you can put a camptogether.

From theopen lawn to shady natural areas, there’s a place for all ages to relax, andexperience all that the 100-year-old woods have to offer.