Creature Cavern

Which animals might live in your backyard?

Go nose-to-nose with animals native to the Carolinas

In Creature Cavern, little ones can get up close with chipmunks, snakes, skinks, an opossum and more.

From amphibians to mammals, kids can learn about animals that they may even spot in their own backyard including black rat snakes, Cope’s gray tree frogs, anoles and chipmunks.

There’s even a copperhead snake on exhibition which is the only venomous snake commonly found in Mecklenburg County. Make sure to take time to compare all the snakes and think about how they look different to each other. For example copperheads have triangular heads, cat-like shaped eyes, and an hourglass pattern on their bodies.

Heads up not to miss the Southern flying squirrels which are nocturnal, so they may be sleeping during your visit. Sometimes if you enter Creature Cavern right when the Museum opens you can catch them awake to eat breakfast.