What to do with Kids at the Museum in September

Discovery Place Nature

What do spiders, crabs and insects have in common? They’re all arthropods! Arthropods are animals who have a segmented body, or a body that is made up of more than one part. They also have many joined legs and an exoskeleton. Arthropods are so common that they make up 75% of all the animals on our planet.

This month at Discovery Place Nature, we will be investigating Amazing Arthropods. Which ones have claws and stingers? Which arthropods can you eat? Stop by the Museum this month and explore these interesting critters up close.

Every Wednesday and Saturday at 12:30 p.m., join us for special story times and activities where kids and adults alike can discover millipedes, watch butterflies and engage with the arthropods that surround us.

  • Meet a Millipede: Saturday, September 1 & Saturday, September 8
    Get up close and personal with an arthropod that has hundreds of legs! Then make your own millipede craft to take home.
  • Edible Arthropods: Wednesday, September 12 & Saturday, September 15
    Did you know that people all over the world eat insects? As a matter of fact, they are an excellent source of protein! Join us to learn about different types of edible arthropods and stay for a special taste test.
  • Miniature Monsters: Wednesday, September 19 & Saturday, September 22
    Face your fears and zoom in on tiny claws, stingers and more. Be glad that we are much bigger than our arthropod friends.
  • Insect Armor: Wednesday, September 26 & Saturday, September 29
    How do arthropods survive without bones? You’re in for a shell shocking surprise.

What’s the top thing to do this month?

The great thing about arthropods is that they are all around us all the time! You can search for them on our monthly Nature Walk, a trip around the Paw Paw Nature Trail with a Naturalist, and search for some insect friends. Or, stroll throughout the Museum and see if you can identify all the creatures we’re learning about this month. Either way, it’ll be an arthropod adventure all month long.

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