This month, we’re celebrating innovations fueled by space

Discovery Place Nature

Do you ever wonder who invented laptops or how baby formula came to be? What about ear thermometers and Dustbusters? Space travel has led to incredible discoveries, but it has also led to countless innovations that we now use every day on Earth. And this month at Discovery Place Nature, we’re celebrating all kinds of innovations fueled by space.

In our final month of space exploration, join us for various special events that focus on out-of-this world fun.

On Sept. 7, come check out a Space Station Exploration demonstration that dives into the International Space station and learn how you can track the station to watch it the next time it flies over.

Without space travel, we may not have high-quality cameras inside the smartphones many of us rely on every day. Although the camera was invented by Eastman Kodak, astronauts led to the invention of a high-quality camera that could fit in your pocket, which was later incorporated into most cell phones on the market. On September 11 and September 14, we will learn and practice a few lessons in digital photography as we take a Photography Walk along the Paw Paw Nature Trail.

On September 18 and September 21, come see a multi-media Flight Adventures planetarium show that guides you through the science of flight, covering everything from famous aviators and planes to imagining where the future of flight may take us.

Then, on September 25 and September 28, come to Discovery Place Nature to design your own space bag to hold all of your space gear in our Design Challenge.

Still want more space? Join us every Tuesday at 6 p.m. for our Special Planetarium Show with topics ranging from the power of our sun to the areas in the night sky that are devoid of stars altogether.

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