Summer Fun at Discovery Place Nature

Discovery Place Nature

Summer means more time outdoors and more opportunities to explore the natural world with kids. This month at Discovery Place Nature, we will be investigating Nature’s Defenses. From poison producing millipedes to thorny green briars, nature has many ways to protect itself. Ever wonder how frogs and blister beetles escape those winged predators? Come to Discovery Place Nature and learn about the smelly secretions of our native stink bugs or the acid producing arthropods around Fort Wild and the Paw Paw Nature Trail.

Every Wednesday and Friday at 12:30 p.m., join us for special story times and activities where kids and adults alike will get to explore wildflowers, feed butterflies and discover the wilderness outdoors.

  • Dangerous Plants: Wednesday, July 4 & Saturday, July 7
    Thorns, spines and prickles oh my! Ever notice how deer and other animals avoid certain plants in your yard? Join one of our Naturalists as we hike the Paw Paw Nature Trail and learn about North Carolina’s native plants.

  • Are Millipedes Superheroes?: Wednesday, July 11 & Saturday, July 14
    Did you know there are some insect-like animals with hundreds of legs? Some even smell like cherry cola! Join us as we get up close and personal with these super critters
  • Nature’s Stink: Wednesday, July 18 & Saturday, July 21
    From skunks to snakes and stink bugs to opossums, there are many animals in your backyard that produce a foul stench. Join a Naturalist and meet one of our native mammals. And don’t worry, we’ll save the stench for later.
  • Fantastic Frogs: Wednesday, July 24 & Saturday, July 27
    Did you know that many frogs produce a toxic secretion? How else are they going to avoid predators? Meet a few of our native gray tree frogs and learn what makes them so fantastic.

What’s the top thing to do this month?

Well, that’s a hard choice! But we do have a special opportunity in July to get the first honey from our bee hives. On July 21, join us for The Buzz About Bees, a morning that’s all about bees! Enjoy special programs and activities focused on the importance of honeybees and beekeeping. Meet our beekeepers, learn about beekeeping and the benefits of bees, watch us inspect our bee hives. As a special bonus, celebrate the launch of the very first honey produced by Discovery Place Nature. A limited supply will be available for sale!

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