Searching for box turtles in Fort Wild

Discovery Place Nature

Over the years, Eastern box turtles have often been discovered on walks, trips, camps and hikes in Fort Wild.  

Recently, four Queens University students began a summer internship with Discovery Place Nature to conduct an Eastern box turtle survey and try to mark, release and recapture, as well as collect data, on as many box turtles as we can.  

Today, while our Summer Camps were going on an exploration hike in Fort Wild, they discovered a box turtle along the trail! We brought out our box turtle kit and proceeded to measure and mark the turtle, as well as teach the campers all about Eastern box turtles and the importance of protecting them.  

We discovered that the box turtle we found is a female, is approximately 20 years old and appeared to be in good shape. We proceeded to measure her shell, mark her and return her to where we found her.  

She is now officially DPN-A, our first documented and marked Eastern box turtle of the 2017 summer season!

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