It’s all about amphibians at Discovery Place Nature in May

Discovery Place Nature

From frogs to salamanders and everything in between, it’s going to be an a-MAY-zing month at Discovery Place Nature as we celebrate and learn all about our state’s native amphibians.

Salamander Central

Did you know that North Carolina has more salamander species than any other state in the country? It’s true! In fact, the Carolinas combined have nearly 50 different native species of salamander. That’s quite a diversity of species for just two states.

On May 22 and May 25, join our naturalists at Discovery Place Nature as we go in search of these creatures and explore the great outdoors on a special Salamander Walk. Then, on May 29, celebrate Silly Salamanders by meeting some of the salamanders who call the Museum home. You’ll learn all about these fascinating critters and even make a salamander craft to take home with you.

Frog Frenzy

North Carolina is also home to 30 species of frogs and toads. They are amazing creatures that play a very important role in wetland ecosystems and, this month, you can hop into a unique citizen science program called FrogWatch USA.

Kick off this frog frenzy by taking part in our special Frog Obstacle Course on May 8 and May 11. Transform yourself into a frog and test out your skills on the obstacle course while learning about the frog’s lifecycle and the dangers facing these creatures.

Then, on May 15 and May 18, Discovery Place Nature will hold a special FrogWatch USA program to teach the community about our local frogs and listen to their various calls. And, on May 21, visitors can join us on a frog walk and officially report all the different frog calls we hear to FrogWatch USA. FrogWatch with Us and test out your frog identification skills while also learning more about how you can take part in this program at home.

Special programming

In addition to all things amphibian, other special programs will take place in May at Discovery Place Nature beginning on May 1 with a May Day Celebration. Join us and the rest of the world in this festival of spring. Learn about the history of the worldwide holiday and make a beautiful flower to take home.

On May 4, you’ll be Bamboozled with bamboo facts and crafts in our program featuring this incredibly versatile plant used worldwide for everything from building roads to making clothes. Explore the uses of bamboo and make a bamboo planter for your home.

Museum fun extending for the summer

Don’t forget, our summer hours begin May 27, with the Museum staying open until 5 p.m. Wednesdays through Fridays and until 8 p.m. on Tuesdays.

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