Focus in on the animals of the area at Discovery Place Nature this February

Discovery Place Nature

From fur to scales and even slimy snail trails, we are exploring all things animals at Discovery Place Nature this February.

The Carolinas have always been rich in animal biodiversity, and thousands of different species have called this area home over the millennia. Now, you can join us and explore creatures of both the past and present. You can even come show your love for the animal inhabitants of our Museum during a special event!

On February 1, we’ll be Gearing up for Groundhog Day by learning the history of this annual holiday and making our own predictions. Then, on February 2, we’ll go (ground)hog wild with a special Groundhog Day celebration you won’t want to miss. We’ll learn whether Queen Charlotte, our resident furry forecaster, saw her shadow that morning and explore all kinds of critters who cope with the cold during cold months in the Carolinas. Our all-afternoon event will also include a special winter nature walk. (Pssst… This particular weekend also is a great opportunity to check out the puppet show of the month, The Shadow Knows!)

This month, you’ll also have three opportunities – on February 5, February 8 and February 12 – to show our Discovery Place Nature resident animals some extra love. Our ‘Bee’ My Valentine program invites all guests to make an enrichment activity for one of their favorite critters. Scents, treats and toys make our animals happier and healthier, so be sure to come by and create a special gift for your funny Valentine.

Later in February, guests will have the opportunity to explore the megafauna (think mastodons, giant sloths and other giant land mammals) that could, at one time, be found roaming North Carolina. We’ll be sizing up modern-day mammals with their enormous ancestors during Megafauna Mania on February 15, February 19 and February 22.

Then, plan to bundle up and join us for some Winter Birdwatching at the end of the month as one of our Naturalists teaches us how birds keep warm in cold temperatures. Fun fact: Did you know that birds can be found on every continent, including Antarctica? Join us to see how many feathered friends we can spot along our Paw Paw Nature Trail on February 26 and February 29.

Round out your animal adventures this month with some of our regular programming, including our daily Animal Encounters and a planetarium show called Lars the Little Polar Bear, which is a charming story about the adventures of a curious polar bear and his friends.

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