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The Carolinas host a unique diversity of habitats, ranging from the coniferous forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the saltwater marshes of the Atlantic Coast. In between these two extremes is a variety of irreplaceable ecosystems, each with its own living and nonliving features.

This month, we’re diving into each habitat with daily stories, activities and programs that are sure to amaze kids and adults alike.

We kick things off December 4 and December 7 with our Rock of Ages program that invites you to come along as we explore the geological history of the Carolinas and enjoy a tasty treat! Make a delicious snack while immersing yourself in the magnificent rocks, gemstones and minerals that make up the Carolinas.

Habitat Chat series

This month, we’re also hosting a special four-part series called Habitat Chat. Combined, these events will allow guests to take a trip across the Carolinas without ever leaving Discovery Place Nature. Each part of the series will explore a new habitat on our journey from the highest peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the salty marshes of the Carolina coast, meeting an animal ambassador from each one.

The Habitat Chat kicks off on December 11 as we Explore the Mountains, learning how the Blue Ridge Mountains got their name and exploring this high-altitude habitat as well as the animals that call it home. No need to bring your hiking gear for this virtual visit!

On December 18, you’re invited to Explore the Piedmont with us. The Piedmont is home to bustling beaver ponds, diverse temperate forests and sprawling cities, including Charlotte! Investigate with us and discover what plants and animals are living in our own backyards.

Explore the Swamps and Savannahs of the Coastal Plain on December 21 and discover the amazing creatures hiding in these mysterious habitats. You’ll be surprised to learn just who lives here!

Finally, join us to Explore the Coastal Marshes on December 28. The saltwater marshes of the coastal Carolinas act as nature’s nursery, giving many animals a safe place to raise their young. Learn all about the animals that grow and thrive in this watery world.

Crash Course in habitats of the Carolinas

Don’t have time to get to all four parts of the Habitat Chat series? On December 14, get a crash course in the habitats of the Carolinas at our Mountains to Sea Day. We’ll get hands-on with Carolina critters, explore natural areas of our own Fort Wild and adventure along area waterways with the Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation.

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