Autism Awareness month kicks off at Discovery Place Nature with Barnyard News

Discovery Place Nature


Throughout April, puppeteers from InReach will present a special puppet show at Discovery Place Nature that spreads the word about what makes each of us unique. Titled Barnyard News, the puppet show sparks conversation among children, teachers and parents about the importance of inclusion and acceptance of all people.

I have met person after person who emanates a kind of radiant light. After a while, even the densest of us may have our eyes opened to that something which transcends all superficial distractions of disability: the unimaginable beauty of every person. That beauty is ours for seeing if only we have the eyes to see, if only we pay attention.
Tim Shriver Chair of Special Olympics

The production of Barnyard News has been presented in and around Charlotte, including in classrooms, preschools and several other venues. It was also featured in The Puppetry Journal, the official magazine of the Puppeteers of America.

Barnyard News will be presented on April 2, April 16 and April 30 at 1:30 p.m. in the Wildlife Lab.

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